Officers 2022-2023

President: Kevin Song

Kevin started his journey as a lowly CorSec, writing Pravda? and keeping the general body updated on each new event. Little did we know, he had a greater goal in mind: total KGB domination. Now, he has ascended to the throne of President, and controls all the inner machinations of the org. Let all tremble at his power.

Likes: Finely crafted plans, events running smoothly, the fence
Dislikes: Rain calls

First VP: Twain “Dijon” Byrnes

As the face of KGB, Twain is a friend to all, especially those who might be interested in joining a fun social club full of interesting and quirky people. You will come to the meeting, right? It’s going to be great! Plus, there’s a bunch of awesome events right around the corner I think you’ll love…

Likes: Being sexy, their nickname, Discord (the social media platform)
Dislikes: Discord (the interpersonal chaos)

Second VP: Charles Hood

Charles snuck into Exec meeting one day, and by the time we had realized he had created the 2VP position out of nothing, it was too late. No one knows what he will do next.

Likes: ???
Dislikes: ???

CorSec: Izzy Shaw

Izzy spent her formative years writing terrible fanfiction on various lesser-known social media sites, and is ready to take her writing career to the next level with emails documenting every event in meticulous detail. She’s also been considering expanding her horizons to monthly newsletters, too.

Likes: Pravda?, short stories, amusingly incorrect grammar
Dislikes: “Relatable” memes

RecSec: Julia Holz

Julia is a professional typist trained in all manner of shorthand, in order to better capture every facet of our inane discussions and store them forever in the #the-minutes channel. She is also well versed in the arts of cryptography and steganography, so we can still hold meetings when the FBI investigates us for seditious activity.

Likes: The sound of her keyboard, unearthing old business, the Thing
Dislikes: The spirit of the Thing

Treasurer: Zheng Hao (Howard) Ma

As Treasurer, Howard has one of the most important and hardest jobs in all of Exec: managing money. He must defend KGB’s funds from those who would misuse them, as well as defend himself from the onslaught of coins thrown at him week after week.

Likes: Economic theory, jokes about tax evasion, rare coins
Dislikes: Summit Cola

Sergeant at Arms: Kaylie Carpenter

Wait, what? That’s right! Kaylie is back once again and better than ever! Using her experience as 1VP, she has spent the summer training for any eventuality that might befall Exec, and is determined to end her time as a comrade with a bang. Hopefully not in a bang.

Likes: A job well done, her friends, her arms
Dislikes: Boredom