Officers 2021-2022

President: James Byrne

James Byrne has taken up the mantle of President, meaning that he’s now in charge of organizing the poor sods of the KGB into a legislative powerhouse. His task is great, but his resolve is greater. Let all beware his power, especially people who get confused by his somewhat non-standard accent.

Power: Strength of the Throne

First VP: Kaylie Carpenter

Kaylie spent a gap year training in the art of persuasion, making her the perfect outreach operative. She continues to lure hapless students into GBM with promises of cat pictures and Friday events, only this time, there’s a chance they’ll be tricked into playing Outer Wilds too. Caution is advised.

Power: Friendship (confiscated from Sawyer)

Second VP: Sawyer Palsen

After discovering, utilizing, and exploiting the power of friendship, Sawyer has ascended to the position of 2VP. With this significant powerup, he is now A) in charge of organizing our events, B) armed with the funds of the KGB’s swelling treasury, C) a Keter-class SCP, and D) a generator of good ideas.

Power: (Formerly Friendship, replaced with 3km of rope)

CorSec: Kevin Song

Kevin never actually learned how to read, but the people that hired him to write emails for the org haven’t realized that yet. He spends his days wandering on campus, staring vacantly at flyers in the UC, and asking you (yes, you) for Pravda? submissions.

Power: Photoshop Affinity

RecSec: Liam Thomas

After being exiled from human society for being a public menace to the sanctity of spellings everywhere, Liam has been brought back and appointed as RecSec. Unfortunately, he is now in charge of creating written records of our meetings. Everyone is afraid.


Treasurer: Oliver Li

Oliver has been in charge of our money for about a year now, and we can safely report that our finances are at the best they’ve ever been! At least, that’s what he told us, right before he bought a plane ticket to Las Vegas and left with a strange, money-stuffed briefcase. Don’t worry, he’s back now, and his briefcase lost some weight too.

Power: Advanced Market Manipulation Techniques

Sergeant at Arms: Kushal Dulla

Kushal has traded in his role as head Pravda? writer for the Arms of the Sergeant. Instead of sending weekly emails to the organization, he now sends enemies of the org to the afterlife. In his spare time, you can find him creating new polar bear facts and being unimpressed by spicy foods.

Power: Arms