Officers 2020-2021

President: Desmond Reed

Dez continues his reign as tyrant, by giving us the illusion of democracy in meetings he controls. He has crushed down the KGB government in exile and leads the rest of exec against any other rebels.

Weapon of Choice: Squeaky Gavel

First VP: Kaylie Carpenter

Kaylie strikes fear into the hearts of ordinary passersby. Not because they will undoubtedly be recruited into the KGB, but because they will feel compelled to start loving her cats and spending money on fake jokes. 

Weapon of Choice: Cats

Second VP: James Byrne

James used to be in charge of managing our money – now that he’s no longer shackled by those restraints, he can spend all the money he wants on events. Or possibly none since we don’t get snacks this year. 

Weapon of Choice: the Sergeant at Arms

CorSec: Kushal Dulla

Kushal single-mindedly pursues one goal: extracting Pravda? submissions from even the most unwilling. Any rumors about him secretly working for the government in exile are completely unfounded.

Weapon of Choice: Pravda?

RecSec: Sawyer Palsen

Sawyer is specially trained to type and record everything he sees. Some say that he types so fast, the words are in the minutes before you’ve even said them. 

Weapon of Choice: Keyboard

Treasurer: Mckenna Brown

Mckenna and David Tepper have never been seen in the same room before. What does this mean? Hopefully that Mckenna is qualified to handle our money. 

Weapon of Choice: Bags of Money

Sergeant at Arms: Oliver Li

Oliver has arms. He uses these arms for everything from protecting the president from all threats to drinking ketchup tomato juice. Sometimes he uses his feet too. 

Weapon of Choice: Arms