Officers 2018-2019

President: Ian Griswold

Top Stat: Disguise

Ian is actually three foxes in a trench coat. You can find Ian at the front of meetings, overseeing our memes.

First Vice President: Dez Reed

Top Stat: Poof

Dez has a backpack full of math books and all the right opinions. You can find Dez easily, thanks to his high level of identifiability.

Second Vice President: Kate Krakopolsky

Top Stat: Arm Recovery

Kate is a Real Russian, lending our organization a semblance of credibility. You can find Kate at Giant Eagle picking out terrible drinks for our events.

Corresponding Secretary: Ellen Seeser

Top Stat: Not Height, That’s for Sure

Ellen writes emails, articles, and maybe other things. You can find Ellen turning over rocks in Schenley Park searching for Pravda? submissions.

Recording Secretary: Janny Mongkolsupawan

Top Stat: Unexpected Dirty Jokes

Janny writes down all the awful things we say and files them away for the benefit of future generations. You can find Janny watching tokusatsu shows studying.

Treasurer: Aren Davey

Top Stat: “Not Being a Weaboo”

As treasurer, Aren is the person at whom we throw our money. You can find Aren photoshopping memes into our facebook event images.

Sergeant at Arms: Mitchell Yang

Top Stat: TA Trolling Ability

Mitchell trains to protect the President by carrying stuff to and from events. You can find Mitchell sitting atop the pile of nerf darts he has collected from failed assassination attempts.