Officers 2016-2017

Skye Toor (President)

Statistics ’17

Skye is The Leader of the KGB. She leads her komrades with her intimidating demeanor, her readiness to yell over anything, and her small stature.


The Stoic: Skye, while friendly and nice, can be hard to read. What hides behind that emotionless mask? The KGB may never know.
Deadpan Snarker: She has no time for your bullshit. If something is ridiculous or she just thinks it will be funny, she will destroy it with wit. And she is always right.
Cultured Badass: Skye knows a bit of everything. She can speak on any topic. Also, she can kill you with her brain.

Dylan Vrana (First Vice President)

Computational Biology ’18

Dylan is The Face of the KGB. Within five minutes of meeting him, you will find yourself signed up to be a booth chair and a Zombies mod on your way to your first GBM.


The Big Guy: Dylan is physically huge, towering over most of exec and booming at everyone in his deep voice.
Gentle Giant: Moreover, he has a big heart and is a loyal friend, always willing to lend an ear to a komrade in distress.
Mad Scientist: Does anyone actually understand what he does all day? What even is computational biology? I don’t like that gleam in his eye…

Michael Murphy (Second Vice President)

Computer Science ‘17

Murphy is The Spock of the KGB. He handles the logistics of our absurd ideas and tells us when NO WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT YOU ARE ILLOGICAL. He also makes things work in a less stupid way within the organization.


Only Sane Man: Most of KGB is “next to normal.” Murphy judges the shit out of us, but we know he loves us for it.
Blue Oni Murphy forms one half of the fire-and-ice duo that is Nika and Murphy. He balances her spoontinudigu with carefully constructed sentences and measured wit.
Sentimental Drunk Happy Murphy is fun to watch, and drunk Murphy is happy 70% of the time. Everyone is his best friend, and it is wonderful.

Rin Fair (Corresponding Secretary)

Mechanical Engineering ‘18

Rin is The Quiet One of the KGB. She prefers to sit and listen during GBMs and perform her officer duties in writing, distributing her Pravda? instead of actually “speaking.”


Pom Pom Girl: Despite being usually quiet, Rin is very enthusiastic about everything. She will back your ideas and support your endeavors without actually initiating her own things.
The Fashionista: While she’s often too lazy to appear presentable, she has strong opinions about fashion and hair and will discuss endlessly if you mention wanting to dye yours.
Adorable Abomination: She may look cute and sweet, but if you get to know her you will soon discover that she is a terrible human being. In fact, scratch that. She isn’t a real person.

Harry Fernandez (Recording Secretary)

Electrical and Computer Engineering ‘19

Harry is The Wonka of the KGB. He provides us with excellent ideas that Serious People™ might find silly. He also records everything that happens in meetings and fills our Twitter with communist mémés.


The Ace: (Not that kind.) Harry is now well-known in KGB for his mad DJ skillz. But after he booked his first KGB gig, exec suddenly realized—what if he’s no good? Fortunately, he was an ace.
Magnificent Bastard: Whatever he does, success or failure, Harry does it with flair. He is a rarity in KGB in that he might be cool even among the bourgeoisie.
Harry Sue Jesus Christ, Harry, when are you not being special? The hair, the keyboard, the DJ fanciness. Did you guys know he was in a movie? Yeah, that’s a real thing.

Joe Doyle (Treasurer)

Electrical and Computer Engineering ‘18

Joe is The Smart Guy of the KGB. While this isn’t meant to suggest no one else on exec is smart, Joe really shows it in everything he does. He takes care of our money and probably doesn’t embezzle.


Gadgeteer Genius: Joe plays with robots! He taught a StuCo on it, and he worked at iRobot after his freshman year. Consequently, he has an army of Roombas.
Mad Oracle: Maybe it’s the hermit beard. Maybe it’s the fact that he seems to know more about KGB than the Old Folks. Maybe it’s the mischievous twinkle in his eye. Maybe it’s Maybelline.
Trickster: Let’s be real. We all know Joe is a shitposting trashlord.

Nika Postnikov (Sergeant at Arms)

Architecture ‘20

Nika is The Heart of the KGB. Her job is to take care of the president, but her mission is to take care of all the members. Nika is loveable and understanding. Though she is perpetually busy, she always sets aside time for the organization she loves.


Loveable Rogue: When planning for the Underground Tour, Nika claimed all the best and funniest stories, but she’s so charming that no one minded. One gets the feeling she could get away with murder.
Red Oni: She forms the other half of the Red Oni, Blue Oni pair with Murphy, complementing his precision with her passion.
Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Nika is tiny but fierce. She has many knives that live in the same building as KGB meetings. Beware.