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The Coke Incident

Gleef Lives.

"Yeah, David Zoll was leaving CMU. Our party was going into More Pizza and buying as much Coke (tm) as we could with our meal plans."

"We took it across campus to Wean where Todd Masco was playing Pcon (before Ccons) in WeH 5209 (yes, 9). He really liked Coke -- not Pepsi. Religously. Even 30 seconds someone went in and handed him a Coke. "Here Todd, have a Coke." At the end David Zoll and I dropped the boxx of Cokes on his lap. "Here Todd, have a Coke." We then distributed extras to all in the cluster."

-- Will Frank

  • Coke, in Morewood

    At left, in Morewood Cafeteria, rear: Dan Lovinger, Doug DeCarlo, David Zoll (Gleef), Chris Newman, Tom Smith, Eric Jefferson; and around the table clockwise, starting lower left: Jay Laefer, Jon Bennett, Miles Weissman, Don Snow, Andrew Markiel, Will Frank, Ethan Evans.

  • Coke, on Cut

    At right, facing Forbes, heads, left to right: Jay Laefer, Tom Smith, Don Snow, Eric Jefferson, Dan Lovinger, David Zoll (Gleef), Jon Bennett, Miles Weissman, Chris Newman, Will Frank, Andrew Markiel.

Thanks to Jim Zelenka for scanning these in and identifying people, to Will Frank for the explanation and more identification, and to Jay Laefer for more identification.

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