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  • Posted by Margaret Meyerhofer on 10-07-2012
    T-Shirt Archive Updated
    Our t-shirt page now contains every shirt we have a picture of.

Who ARE these weirdos?

The KGB is...

  • an informal, co-ed social organization at Carnegie Mellon University
  • almost 99% fat free.
  • an eccentric bunch of nerds, geeks, freaks, visionaries, outcasts and ne'er-do-wells, who plan on being on the right side of the guns when the Revolution comes.
  • by law, not more than 5 percent insect parts or animal hair.
  • so much fun, your pants will explode!
  • those strange people who run up to you in Wean or Doherty, fiercely brandishing strips of foam-rubber, and demand to know whether you're on the red team or the yellow team. (huh?)
  • so bad, we kick our own asses twice a day.

Who AREN'T these weirdos?

The KGB is...

  • NOT that KGB. No relation. We can't help you with your research for Russian History class.
  • NOT Kappa Gamma Beta. The KGB is not a fraternity.
  • NOT to be taken too seriously.
  • NOT yet available in Oregon, due to obscure long-term repercussions of the Hawley-Smoot Tariff.
  • NOT your fucking khakis!
  • CERTAINLY NOT watching your every move. The rumors are groundless. Go about your business, citizen.

In This Section:


Our Stated Purpose:

To get the geeks (and freaks, and weirdos) out of the clusters (or whatever other mundane place they happen to inhabit at the time) and into the sunshine (well, sort of...). If you still don't grok, you'd better come to a meeting, every Monday at 4:30 PM in Breed Hall (Margaret Morrison 103). This bears repeating.

How can I be sure to get 100% of my USRDA of the KGB?

The KGB conducts its vile, godless rituals every Monday at 4:30 PM in Breed Hall (Margaret Morrison 103). If all else fails, follow the "Thataway" signs. Come to meetings to learn about Capture the Flag with Stuff, movie nights, hi-tech excitement, Subliminal Geek Fishing, and other random acts of lunacy that we later deny responsibility for. You'll hate yourself if you don't. Trust us.

We also have a LiveJournal community, a bboard, assocs.kgb, and t-shirts to take the KGB with you wherever you go.

Current top banner: Dressing classy, fall 2010 meeting (credit: Alan V.) Reload for a new one.

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