What is “Pravda?”?

I’m glad you asked. I’m in charge of it, after all. That’s me, your web admin, the Corresponding Secretary for the KGB.

Pravda? is the KGB’s official(?) newsletter. The contents are subject to the whim of the Cor Sec and have been known to include everything from news to pictures of kittens. Copies of Pravda are handed out in general body meetings and, as a brand new special offer, on this website! Grab it while supplies last! Well, I suppose that since Pravda is free and digitally available, ‘supply’ is an irrelevant term. So… grab it while the Internet’s still active!

Do you know what the most exciting bit about Pravda is? Anyone can submit to Pravda! Just email me at my In case you forget, I will be sure to remind you at the end of my officer report to SUBMIT TO PRAVDA?!

Pravda? Links

RSS Link If you’d like to be constantly updated with PRAVDA? and other KGB events, subscribe to our RSS feed for a steady flow of semi-useful information!

Old Pravda? Here’s a link to the Pravda? that have been published since this website was created.

Really Old Pravda? Wanna read the older Pravda?? Here’s a link to the old website if you’re interested.