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The People's Scrapbook

Herein lie some old photos of old KGB members. If you close your eyes and wish really hard, we might put up some recent ones, but...probably not in the time you've been wishing.

(have fairly new or really old KGB photos? let us know...)


The assembled masses, Spring '94
The assembled masses, Fall '96


Tim Showalter, Bryan Nagy, Rob Slater and Stick-Boy ponder the latest "wisdom" of the Tartan.
Barbara Jensen and Eric Stein are...also pondering the "wisdom" of the Tartan. We do a lot of that.
Tim Showalter running on less than a full tank. Hey, is that one of Deanna's cats?
Rob Slater, with a barely-visible "FNORD" just noticeable above his head.
Some of the founding father-nerds of KGB, drinking Coke (for more info, check here).
Recording Secretary James Cheney records valuable potential blackmail information.
Bryan Nagy and Treasurer Jen Gray collect the shrapnel from a volley of pennies.
A typical KGB meeting; the excitement is almost palpable...

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