Hello! This is the no nonsense1 version of Who are we, anyway?

Who are we: KGB is a social organization for geeks, nerds, harmless trouble makers, “scientists” and everybody in-between.

What do we do: We meet every Monday at 4:30 to crack jokes, heckle, get information about events, and occasional “serious business”

Events: We also have events! Every Friday evening, we have an event.  These include board games, karaoke, improv, and Capture the Flag with Stuff. To hear about upcoming events, come to meetings on Monday or join our Facebook group.

How to join: Show up! That’s all!  If you are ever confused about a joke or reference or have no clue what is going on, turn to the nearest old personor find a member of exec for an explanation. We don’t bite, not since…the incident.




1Ok, maybe a little bit of nonsense

2Upperclassmen, person who seems like they know whats going on.