Officers 2019-2020

President: Desmond Reed

Dez previously acted as our 1VP, creating the bridge between the org and the outside world. Now that he has captured his desired targets, he has transitioned to President to oversee their little games during meetings and events. He is highly identifiable, highly competent, and highly knowledgeable about various obscure topics.

First VP: Janny Mongkolsupawan

Janny spent most of last year intensely documenting and researching the KGB. She has now become a human machine: half Janny, half 2018-2019 minutes, designed to find unsuspecting civilians and ./recruit

Second VP: Mitchell Yang

Mitchell was trained as exec’s Jack of All Trades last year as Sergeant at Arms. He is one with the umbrella shield, and one with sacrificing himself to defend the org. Before he carried the food, now he finds the food. He’s been carefully training his ability to scour GEagle as well as 25Live for vacant rooms. 

Corsec: Mckenna Brown

Mckenna has been given many organizational and color-based categorization tools throughout her childhood, slowly preparing her to keep track of many small tasks.

She is relentless, and she will not stop until YOU submit to Pravda?.

Recsec: Woody McCoy

Woody as an infant dreamed of becoming a typographer on his very own Royal Fleetwood Typewriter (First Released 1972). However, he was informed that this typewriter, and somehow, all typewriters have gone out of style. So, he switched to the computer. Typing, typing, typing. Watching videos of people type to increase his speed. Doing speed trials until he was classified as an octopus. Modding his vim to optimize more efficient typing. He will type, he will record, he will see all.

Treasurer: James Byrne

James is well known to have immunity towards coin ammunition. As a child, he seemed to have a strange affinity for spaces in between couch cushions and random beaches. His tough exterior acts as both a magnet for coins and a shield to preserve his constitution. This immunity allows him to easily collect funds for the org as well as lend to his nickname as t h e  M o n e y  M a n. You will trust him. You will throw coins at him.

Despite his tough exterior, he requests that all coins be tossed underhand, not underhanded.

Sergeant at Arms: Kushal Dulla

Kushal is not only “competent at something,” he is versatile like no other. He can become whatever you need.

  • Someone to pick up slack and/or event materials
  • The last line of defense for the President.
  • Lobster.
  • (At) Arms.